Road Bike Box 120 x 78 x 25 cm

Road Bike Box 120 x 78 x 25 cm

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Transport for our SA customers included! 

This foldable Bike Box extends into a large box with the dimensions 120 x 78 x 25 cm and is especially designed to fit a Road Bike. 
The size of the box is within the allowance of all international airlines - and the box itself weighs only 6kg! 

When not in use for your travels the box can be conveniently folded and stored at the size:  68 x 76 x 7 cm. This size even fits into a small car! 

The box is extremely durable and waterproof and comes with a set of Bike Guards which will protect your bike's vital parts - such as the crank, gear cluster, disc brakes and derailleur - in and outside the box. 

Instructions and Video Tutorial on how to assemble the box and mount the Bike Guards can be found on:

100% safe travel for your bike.